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update Crack strategy quant X build 131

Build 131

Released 8.4.2021

Major version with lots of new features and bugfixes 

Changes & updates:

  • Refactored computation of SessionOpen/High/Low/Close. Fixed performance and some errors appearing in gaps. Please retest your strategies that use these blocks
  • Changed location of user extensions â€“ the new location is /user/extend folder. Automatic migration will be a part of an update (not in Dev versions).
  • New internal Chromium browser component â€“ it should be faster, more stable and runs also on Mac M1. Please report any issues – like black screen – when running the program.
  • Updated to Java 15

Please re-import custom SQ indicators to your trading platform (Steps after installation) and retest your strategies that use these blocks in both SQ and your trading platform.

Added features:

  • Added Swap simulation to What-If crosscheck
  • Added new indicators: LowerGreaterCount, SR Perc Rank, Supertrend
  • Added new indicator and metric: Ulcer Index, Ulcer Performance Index
  • Added editation of data in Data Manager
  • Added filtering to Optimizer for simple optimizations
  • Added new Custom Analysis functionality
  • Added Mass-apply settings for multiple tasks in custom projects
  • Added new trading option for weekend trading – speciality for MT5 and AMP broker, where Sunday trading sometimes generated problems


  • Fixed multiple problems with strategy generation, templates and custom blocks
  • Fixed multiple JForex trading issues
  • Fixed problem with databanks that sometimes appeared after upgrade
  • Fixed small reported issues and bugs

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

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What exactly is StrategyQuant X
StrategyQuant is a powerful strategy development and research platform that uses machine learning techniques and genetic programming to automatically generate new automated systems (trading robots, expert advisors, EAs) for any market (forex, futures, equities, crypto) and timeframe.

It is able to combine and verify millions of different entry and exit conditions, order types and price levels, to find best performing strategies according to your selection criteria – for example Net profit, Return vs Drawdown, Sharpe ratio etc.

You can export these strategies to source code of your trading platform as MQL for MT4 EA, MT5 EA or EasyLanguage for Tradestation/Multicharts.

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