crack strategy quant x build 131

update Crack strategy quant X build 131

Build 131

Released 8.4.2021

Major version with lots of new features and bugfixes 

Changes & updates:

  • Refactored computation of SessionOpen/High/Low/Close. Fixed performance and some errors appearing in gaps. Please retest your strategies that use these blocks
  • Changed location of user extensions – the new location is /user/extend folder. Automatic migration will be a part of an update (not in Dev versions).
  • New internal Chromium browser component – it should be faster, more stable and runs also on Mac M1. Please report any issues – like black screen – when running the program.
  • Updated to Java 15

Please re-import custom SQ indicators to your trading platform (Steps after installation) and retest your strategies that use these blocks in both SQ and your trading platform.

Added features:

  • Added Swap simulation to What-If crosscheck
  • Added new indicators: LowerGreaterCount, SR Perc Rank, Supertrend
  • Added new indicator and metric: Ulcer Index, Ulcer Performance Index
  • Added editation of data in Data Manager
  • Added filtering to Optimizer for simple optimizations
  • Added new Custom Analysis functionality
  • Added Mass-apply settings for multiple tasks in custom projects
  • Added new trading option for weekend trading – speciality for MT5 and AMP broker, where Sunday trading sometimes generated problems


  • Fixed multiple problems with strategy generation, templates and custom blocks
  • Fixed multiple JForex trading issues
  • Fixed problem with databanks that sometimes appeared after upgrade
  • Fixed small reported issues and bugs

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.