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criteria of a good expert advisor

What are the characteristics of a good expert advisor?

  • 1- The expert must be able to work with $1000 and not be margin call.
  • 2. Not over-fit or over-optimized for a specific period!
  • 3- It is not a history reader! (by default metatrader internal readfile prevent EAs to read .hst file and some scammer use kernel function that need allow dll for access to future on back-testing and so result of this type EAs on live market similar throw coin )
  • 4- It should not be martin and grid! (the sum positions pips must be positive! when you want ignore this rule on martin EAs)
  • 5- The duration of each order should not be less than 1 minute and should not be more than 1 week.
  • 6- Its Profit Factor should be more than 2.
  • 7- The number of trades per year or per 6 month should be more than 300! (252 trading days per year you need at least 1 trade per day low trade EA in most cases are over-optimize) we need see some trade !
  • 8- Can pass at least 5 years in the back test with 99% accuracy.
  • 9- Its performance should not be gross on two pairs with high correlation. (over fit)
  • 10 – Expert must be able to work on 5-digit currency pairs with spreads of 20 and above for XAUUSD on 2-digit of spreads of 100 and above and for Bitcoin spreads of 600 and above. you need check avg spread of live broker account.
  • 11- Expert must have a live account with a function of 6 months or more on top regulated broker for example IC Market or Lmax(#ASIC #CFTC #CySEC #DFSA #BaFIN #FCA #FINRA #FMA #FINMA #FSA #FSB #IFSC #NFA #SEC #MIFID)! and better analyze account on mql5 or with investor password.
  • 12- Draw-down of Expert should not be more than 20% on 5k deposit account.
  • 13- The volume should increase in proportion to the growth rate of the account and market fluctuations.

If you find such EA, you are successful. Violation of any of the above rules means a loss on one of the days of history.

and example EA can pass most of this rules is density scalper but broker sensitive and other night scalpers ….


Market EA cracks

🔸List of new EAs added in mql5.com EAs cracks

Not a scam mt4_LD.ex4
SSScalper MT4-1.46-LD.ex4
SSScalper MT5 v1.45_LD.ex5
Advanced Hedge MT4 LD.ex4
Stenvall MK III-LD.ex4
Night Hunter Pro 3.45_LD.ex4
Night Hunter Pro v356_LD.ex4
North East Way EA 1.232 LD.ex4
Golden Lion EA_C.ex4
Zup indi v154_LD.ex4
Advanced Scalper V.1.58.zip
The Reaper EA.ex4
TripleH v70 VPS C.ex4
Ninja Wolf Robot GMT Kliank_EURUSD_D1_C.ex4
GOLD EAgle 3.7 LD.ex4
Klondike EA 3.0 LD.ex4
The Reaper EA 1.82 LD.ex4
Ruxzo v13.00 EURUSD M5_JD.ex4
Naragot Portfolio V1.17 LD.ex4
Multi Currency BRAIN v4.8 JD.ex4

+all EA in post image. price 350$ join vip channel.

pack top JD ea

Crack all of this EAs available 350$

how change vps environment for JD EAs

🔸🔸🔸 Silent Master 1.97 EURUSD GBPUSD M5_JD.ex4
🔸🔸 FrankoScalp v3.2 m1 – EURCHF, USDCHF, CADCHF _JD.ex4
🔸🔸 SFE Gold Fever v1.3 JD.ex4
🔸🔸 Belkaglazer Version 1.819 EURUSD tf[m30-h1]_QK.ex4
🔸🔸 Panther Trader Pro v3 EURUSD AUDUSD GBPUSD M1_jd.ex4
🔸🔸 Ruxzo v13.00 EURUSD M5_JD.ex4
🔸 SFE Stealth 1.2.ex4 -> not bad on live pf:1.42
🔸Do IT.ex4
🔸Jack F1 Pro.ex5
🔸Bar Mode m5 eurusd_JD.ex4
🔸Breakthrough Strategy v1.9_JD.ex4
🔸Cullinan v11.11-EURUSD m1 m5 m15_JD.ex4
🔸 Alexis Stenvall v7.1_JD.ex4
🔸 GoldenBot v1.67 XAUUDS m1 _JD.ex4
🔸 Perfect Score v5.57 JD.ex4
🔸 EA Sapphire v2.60 H1 EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY_JD.ex4
🔸 Good Monday V1.4- JD H1.ex4 -> very good on backtest
🔸 Stenvall Invest EURUSD M5 jd.ex4
🔸 Take a Break(3).ex4
🔸 TripleH v5.4 _JD.ex4
🔸Neuro Bot – v2.10 – H4 – any pair – JD.ex4
🔸Money Printer EA MT5 -v4 -TF15 -XAUUSD -JD.ex5
🔸SymbiosisEA v11.2 TF[M5 M15 H1] EURUSD _JD.ex4
CheckPoint v7.0_QK.ex4
Arbitrage Thief Index_jd.ex4
Spider Crazy Pro 2.50 m15 EURUSD AUDUSD USDCAD NZDUSD _JD.ex4 -grid-martin
Lightning_Scalp_V1_1_TFM5_EURUSD_GBPUSD_EURAUD_EURCHF_USDCHF_JD.ex4 -> need tight spread
ReitakFX-Insomnia-V1-JD.ex4-big drawdown
ToTheMoon.ex4 -> btc
ProFx-V[3.8]-TF[H1]-EURUSD-JD.ex4 ->grid martin
Machinist 1.4_JD.ex4 -> not good on live
Black Horse JD.ex4-> low number trades on live
Gold_Stuff_recovery_EA.ex4 -Vasiliy Strukov
EA Antivirus v9.00_JD.ex4->Vasiliy Strukov need tight spread
ATS Advisor v1.3- EURUSD. Timeframe M30.-JD.ex4-> need tight spread
Aura Gold EA v2.3_JD.ex4 -> overfit
Best Expert Advisor – v7.5 – M15 – EURUSD – JD.ex4->grid martin
EasyStrategyBuilder v7.23-JD.ex4-> tool
Gecko v1.1 EURUSD H1_JD.ex4-> overfit
Reindeer-Scalper-Pro-V1.10-TFH1-EURUSD-GBPUSD-Gold-JD.ex4[maybe scam history reader]
Redshift_v1_00_EURUSD,_GBPUSD,_USDCAD,_AUDUSD_and_USDJPY_M15_jd.ex4[maybe scam history reader]
SFE Attractor JD1.0.ex4-> not good on live signal
SFE Breakout.ex4-> not good on live signal
SFE Breakout_QK.ex4-> not good on live signal
SFE Night Scalper6.1.ex4-> not good on live signal
SFE Trend_2.1_JD.ex4-> not good on live signal
Alpha Z_JD.ex4 -> overfit
Prado-V2.3-TFH!-USDJPY-JD.ex4 pf:1.68
Magic-Score-V10.7-TFM20-JD.ex5 -> call on live signal
EA Mad Max .ex4 -> margin call on backtest
Sniper EA V1.3 TF M5,M15 EURUSD JD.ex4 -> low trade
London Dynamics – v1.0 – TF1H – Eurusd – JD.ex4
SFE Indices MT5.ex5
Blazar Version 2.55 Premium.ex4
SFE Stock Market.ex5
Bober Real EA QK.ex4
Blassik V2 v1.56 tf[H1] EURUSD _JD.ex4
Billion Idea v1.60_JD.ex4
Galaxy Forex v1.1_JD.ex4
QA Magic Recovery and Trade EA MT4 tf[M5] EURUSD _JD.ex4
PipFinite Breakout EDGE INDICATOR MT4 v3.1 tf[H1] GBPUSD _JD.ex4
Ronin FX EA_jd MT4.ex4
Impulsive Algo v1.20_JD.ex4
Impulsive Algo(1).ex4
EA Element Premium_JD.ex4
EA Mad Max.ex4
R Mode v1.1 (H1) EURUSD.ex4
Spider Crazy Pro 2.50.ex4