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Important Note: Data formats have changed in version 6 of MotiveWave. Workspaces created
using older versions of MotiveWave will be forward compatible (ie they can be used in Version
6) but once the workspace has been opened in version 6, it will not be able to be opened by older
versions. Please consider creating a new workspace for version 6 testing and restore from a
backup of an existing workspace.
This version of MotiveWave contains numerous bug fixes and the following features:

  1. Profit/Loss Components – Added right click options to Flip, and change the number of
  2. Time&Sales
    a. @Bid/@Ask Background – Added an option to set the background (in addition
    to text color)
    b. Highlight Big Sizes – Added an option to highlight the size cell only
    c. Price Format – Added options for displaying only part of the price
    d. Time Format – Added options for formatting the time column
  3. Shift Wheel Action – Added an option to change the behavior of holding down the shift
    key when using the mouse wheel. By default this will adjust the vertical spacing.