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Crack New hope Black Swan pack

-crack New Hope INSIDE Classic MT5 3.3 – 400$

-crack New Hope INSIDE(Classic) MT4 3.3 – 400$

-crack New Hope INSIDE(Hidden 2Leg) MT4 3.3 – 400$

-crack New Hope INSIDE(Hidden 2Leg) MT5 3.3 – 400$

-crack New Hope INSIDE(Hidden) MT4 3.3 – 400$

-crack New Hope INSIDE(Hidden) MT5 3.3 – 400$

full pack price 1800$ each one 400$ original Trading robots “Black Swan” package price 18K.

Trading strategies of Black Swan package:


Classical strategy, where fast and slow quotes are compared. Due to the fact that the robot receives quotes faster than the broker, you may raise your revenue because the robot earns money. This particular strategy is considered as the relatively old one and being applied more rarely than before. However, brokers where clients earn money using such strategy still also exist.

Furthermore, based on this Classic version of the trading robot, there is an additional strategy holding by a trend. It is possible to set up this robot, having changed the default settings. This version is absolutely simple in practical usage and has plenty of advantages, such as long­term deals, where the benefit may reach up to 100 points.


It is the leader and the best robot within the last several years, thanks to its unique strategy.

The strategy, which has been developed and fully implemented in 2018, has the following general advantages: deals of any duration time, there are no entry and exit points, which would take place at the same time, the signal is processed AGAINST its direction. Almost all clients are starting to move to this strategy lately, because it is much better in terms of hiding high­frequency trading.

Also, among other strengths of this robot, we would like to mention the absence of any similar strategies on Forex market, which allows to freely work with brokers even in those sectors, where the trading conditions had been previously damaged by the other traders with Classic arbitrage.

Hidden 2Leg

This trading system is resemblant to Hidden, however, it has the main difference that trading takes place between two trading accounts. Two accounts can be equal, including the one broker or the different ones. For instance, dealing with the first broker, you may open an account for yourself, and dealing with the second one ­ for your friend, so you would get an opportunity to trade between two accounts. The system will automatically equalize the balances on your accounts, therefore the benefits will increase equally on each account. It is also possible to use two different brokers.

Many users try to apply this strategy only in the case of such circumstances, when Hidden strategy cannot be used (when it is prohibited).