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Versions history

4.9.1 – released 8.4.2021

Update for compatibility with StrategyQuant X Build 131. If you don’t load SQ X files into QA update is not necessary.

Added support for updated SQ X 131 file format

4.9.0 – released 18.12.2020

Update with many improvements

Fixed loading Multicharts reports
Fixed loading MT5 reports
Fixed loading SQX130 files
Loading symbol info (point value, piptick size) from SQX files
Skipping cancelled pending orders while computing Correlation/Overlapping trades
Added correlation calculation to Compare results + new databank columns CorrelationDay/Hour/Month/Week
UI improvements – added help texts + tooltips, fixed old urls
Fixed computing stats value RetDD in pips/%
Fixed loading multiple reports with checked “Use the same settings for all loaded strategies”
PortfolioMaster cleanup after finish
Fixed problem with loading notes from SQX files
Added supported formats to Home panel + doc link
Other smaller issues
Please check Roadmap for the full list of fixed issues.